About Danielle

Danielle also grew up in a small town in Southwest Minnesota- 13 miles away from Casey. She is the middle of 3 girls.

Danielle is a special education teacher. She is passionate about her job, and the work she does with children.

Ever since Danielle was a little girl, she dreamed of having a house full of kids. Being a mom is her dream come true. Danielle likes to play make-believe, read books, go for walks, and play at the park. The best part of having summers off is being able to spend more time adventuring and making memories as a mom.

Fun Fact: Danielle has read 91 books in 2023

On Danielle's side, there are six grandchildren. We are very close with Danielle's family. Dax loves to spend time with his crazy cousins and Grandma.

Danielle and her family have experienced more tragedy than most. At 16, Danielle's dad passed away. In 2022, her older sister passed away. Unfortunately, only 7 months later, they experienced another tragedy. Danielle's oldest nephew passed away.

The tragedies Danielle's family has faced have brought them much closer together. They enjoy getting together at each other's houses, restaurants, sporting events, shows like Disney on Ice, and also at Casey's family cabin. It is so fun to have both sides of our familes together!

Danielle is blessed to have one Grandmother still alive.

Danielle loves being a mom more than anything in this world. She counts her blessings every day and is excited to welcome another child to our lives.