Our love story

Throughout high school, we were close friends. Following graduation, we went to colleges two hours apart. Despite the long distance, a spark between us was kindled. We maintained a long-distance relationship for the next four years. Following college graduation, we moved in together. We have been together for twelve years. We celebrated our five year wedding anniversary in October!

In 2021, we were blessed with our son, Daxtyn. Becoming parents was everything we have ever wanted. We always imagined having multiple children running around! We have struggled with fertility challenges, so we are excited to adopt to help us grow our family.

Daxy-boy is sweet, curious, and full of energy. His hobbies include playing outside, filling his pockets full of treasures, dancing, singing and running 100 miles per hour! He will be the BEST big brother!

Family FUN!

We LOVE to travel! A few of our favorite trips were to Alaska, Cabo, the Dominican Republic, South Padre, The Black Hills, Duluth, Brainard, and Omaha.

We spend a lot of time outdoors- at Casey's family lake cabin, the park, pool, and going on walks. We also enjoy attending Vike's and WILD games, concerts, and Chanhassen Dinner Theater shows.

Our Village

We are blessed with a large "village" outside of our family. Our friends are definitely family we have chosen for our lives. We are blessed with friends new and old- high school, college, and post-college. How special that we have remained closely connected with so many people. We also trust them to watch Dax (mama and dada need date nights too!). We count our blessings every day that we have people who choose to love us unconditionally.